Greenport Tactical Association

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Important Range Information - Please Read

GTA promotes safe handling & use of legally owned weapons. Matches & events are open to non-members unless otherwise specified. NFA weapons welcome, all NFA rules apply. Eye/ear protection required for your safety. Children under 18 yrs. of age must be accompanied by parent, legal guardian or responsible adult who accepts liability for their actions.

For membership info contact see club officer or click on this link to download a membership application.

GTA membership requires that you be a member of the National Rifle Association. Click on the link below to join the NRA.

To subscribe to the news mailing list, please visit GTA News

**PLEASE READ: Use of firearms are inherently dangerous & could result in severe injury or death. We will not tolerate unsafe shooters, persons, behavior or illegal weapons on the range. **

*** Greenport is a Muzzle down range, meaning unless your weapon is on a target the muzzle must be holstered or in the low position pointing the muzzle at the ground.


*Please maintain this position with all shooters as if we have an AD then the bullet needs to be kept in this range, NO exception!! We need to practice this so our neighbors will be safe and we can continue to shoot here.

*CHAMBER FLAGS will be required when long guns are not in your POSITIVE control.

*NO LOADING OF ANY WEAPON, UNLESS YOU ARE ON THE FIRING LINE. ALL WEAPONS WILL BE UNLOADED IN A SAFE AREA, OR ON THE FIRING LINE. If you are in a private class you will need to follow the instructors wishes whether its a cold range or a hot range for their class only! This is the instructors discretion.

Greenport is machinegun friendly, nothing bigger than 40 mil. Please do not bring illegal weapons onto this range. Bring your paperwork with your weapon as I may want to see it.


Season Start-up

The shooting season starts this Thursday, April 17, weather permitting.  I hope to see you there!


The Rifle Fanstastic

Rifle night returns with a bang.  Once again we’ll be running a club members only event the third Tuesday of each month starting May 20 at 6:00.  Any battle rifle will do just fine.  We’ll start with simple drills and progress to other more interesting activities.  I understand road flares will be involved.

You don’t have to attend every night, but it’s more fun when everyone is present.


Days of Future Fun

GTA is going to have monthly matches and I want to give everyone a heads up on several already scheduled.

As always, registration will start at 9:00 with a mandatory safety meeting at 9:30.  We take a safety/lunch break around noon.  You don’t have to buy, eat or take a break, but you must stop shooting.  We'll all participate in clean-up following each event.

May 18, Sunday is a Top Shot type match.  We’ll be shooting plastic bottles and other events are planned.  I understand one involves an axe, sounds like fun.

June 15, Sunday, will be the 90-round IDPA Classifier.  You don’t have to be an IDPA member to shoot it.  A cousin club will be hosting the state IDPA match this fall and if you want to shoot, you need to have a current classification.  GTA will need your IDPA number so we can contact our regional IDPA rep and give him your score so you’re in the system.  More details later.

July 13, Sunday will be a 1911 single stack match.  You must shoot a single stack 1911-style pistol in .45 ACP.  We’re going to limit the magazine capacity to 8 rounds max.  You can carry as many magazines as you want.

Sept 28, Sunday, will be our yearly rifle match.  We don’t have a lot of specifics yet, but the match designers would like a safety/range officer stationed at each firing line.  We’ll be looking for volunteers.  I suspect they will be able to pre-shoot the match.


Bottle Shoot

If you were a fan of the History Channel’s Top Shot you saw the bottle shoot-outs. Every time I saw it I could not help wonder how I would do. 
What about you?  Well it looks like we're going to get an answer.

GTA is inspired by the question “How many bottles can you shoot in a time interval?”

Well, this is your chance to answer the question.  We’re going to do a plastic bottle shoot May 18 as part of a monthly match.  I think we’re going to have a lot of fun!

We need clean, capped plastic bottles from food and beverages 2 liters and smaller.  If you have been or will save bottles for us, you can bring them any Thursday until the shoot.  We can garbage bag store them until the match.

There will be other shooting activities as well.


Dave Spaulding at GTA

Dave Spaulding will be at GTA with is Vehicle Combative course.

This course addresses not only having one’s vehicle attacked (car-jacking, motorcade etc.) but also being attacked in the car.  Taught in and around real motor vehicles, this course includes shooting through body sheet metal and window as well as shooting through seats and other interior obstructions.

Sounds pretty interesting doesn’t it!  It’s a two day course costing $400 and it’s open to GTA members and the public.  For more information go to:


GTA Membership for 2014

The 2014 GTA membership form is available in a printable copy under "Other Files " on the right of our website. GTA membership covers the primary member, spouse, plus any children under 18 living in the home. You may mail in your fees, but a land use agreement form must be filled out by everyone prior to receiving their badge.

Since we are an NRA club the principle member must be an NRA member and will be required to show a current membership.

Please note:  GTA has had to raise our membership to $55 a year.  The new 2014 application has been changed to reflect that.







Feb 2014  Spring is on the way, we will be opening in April 2014 date *TBA* We will be having the 1st meeting on april 3rd,

please be present to get badges and fill out your land use agreement for 2014. I will be needing some help with the automation

of the shoot house, making walls, hanging motors and rails, smoothing out the floor. Its pretty wet and we wont be going into

that area to work til it drys out. The drainage is complete, the grass is in and grew app 4 inches b4 winter. The ground is soft now

but will be dry when spring comes to the great white north.


November 2013  We have finished the drainage and grass is planted, the hillsides are retainer from most erosion this winter.

I've got most of the upper framing done and will need some help with the walls, floor and possibly a ballistic wall.

**NOTE** this area is closed to all shooting for now, please keep all vehicles out of this area.

Pics to follow soon see ya in the spring


July 2013  The shoot house is coming along just fine at this time, its 30 x 30 with the possibility of 18 rooms after the portable walls are built.

For now i expect the range will be closed for another week, (if it doesn't stop raining it will be longer) before Range #1 will be usable.

This project may take 3 more weeks  if its to wet to work.

My thoughts at this time are that we take all of our portable shoot house parts and build an operational shoot house, once we are done  with the final grade excavation.

I have plans for 6 radio controlled targets, that will be hung from the ceiling, so they HOPEFULLY won't be shot!!

There will be a foul line @ 6' for Muzzle height restriction, and we will always obey the 180' rule.

More to come on the progress.  Check it out when your @ greenport.

Best regards,




GTA Concealed Carry Sticker – check for updates

One long-time goal of GTA is to have a safe facility where members can practice their CCW skills. The green and white sticker seen on some badges signify the member has his or her CCW license and has gotten permission to carry a loaded weapon concealed on the range.

GTA encourages the safe practice of CCW skills. We have a few rules you must comply with.

1 You must get permission and have your badge on.

2 Your weapon must be concealed. LEOs must display their shield to carry in any manner.

3 You may practice on any unoccupied range or as a participant in a group activity.

4 The match director/instructor/activity leader needs to be notified and has the right to make their activity a cold range requiring everyone to load on command at the firing line.

5 You may carry a concealed weapon and shoot a second weapon. For example, you could carry a .380 in a pocket holster and shoot 1911 in competition and nobody needs to know.

Do we have to say this? Unsafe activity can result in losing your membership.


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